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selves in a box guideSelves in a Box® is a cutting-edge model of self-exploration integrating the psychological and the spiritual. This 52-card deck and guidebook includes collaged images of 52 Selves, a detailed Portrait for each, and multiple draws and spreads enabling each Self to become intimately known and embraced.

Online readings with Selves in a Box are now available! Check out the readings page to learn more.

52 Self Cards • 2 Wild Cards • 144-page guidebook

Want to meet one of your inner selves?

  • What’s your first impression of this Self?
  • Which images on the card stand out for you?
  • How would you describe this Self?
  • What’s your relationship with this Self?
  • Why do you think this Self is showing up in your life right now?
  • What’s your first impression of this self?

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Dear Fellow Traveler,
You know all those voices in your head competing for attention? These voices are Selves and when in balance these Selves can animate and empower your life in unique and diverse ways. I’m honored to introduce you to the language of Selves and to give you the opportunity to live, truly, outside the box.